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High Performance Vinyl
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Static Cling
Luminous Reflective
3M Adhesive
Lexan 10mil or 5mil (LEXAN 8A35)
Lexan 10mil (0.010") is ideally suited for the production of dynamic sub-surface graphics including membrane switches, keyboard overlays, architectural signs, Controllers and exhibit/display work.
Lexan 5mil (0.005") will stick around curved surfaces and is just as durable as the 10mil.
We us 3M 300LSE Adhesive.
Cut any outline shape
Shaped cut-outs within label
*Clear areas for displays or LED's
*Will have clear adhesive behind clear areas if used with adhesive
About Pacific Cutvinyls
We supply custom labels and decals suitable for the industrial, manufacturing, electronic and electric indsutries. These range from simple test labels to much more comlex designs based on a variety of materials and finishes.
Pacific Cutvinyls has been providing custom labels and decals for manufacturers and individuals since 2007. It is our main goal to provide you with top customer service and exceptional products from start to finish within your budget and lead times.